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February 09, 2020

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Here we go. My name is Rubèn Suet. I am originally from Barcelona, and living a great experience in Germany with my Partner, my beloved dog, and my guinea pig. We get along each other, so our family is pretty happy 🥰. Currently, I am on my 30’s. My passion is music: listen to it and play it with guitar/bass guitar or drums.

Ruben Suet

I am a web software developer. Started as a Fullstack and switched at some point into Frontend. I wrote my very first hello world back to 2007, and worked with many languages to get where I am. At some point, the hype for PHP with wordpress hit me hard, and decided to move away from development. I wasn’t really happy with my job of just preparing some templates with Wordpress, and prepare CSS and Html tables. That’s why I decided to go back to university and study Psychology in 2011. It was great and worked in HR with IT as specialization. Checking their githubs made me realize I was missing hardly to develop, and moreover, the hype for wordpress was moved away. Now we have many popular techs and frameworks ( Javascript is cool now?! what did I miss?? ). So I moved back to development at 2015.

Back then, everything was considered web developer. You had IE6, firefox 2 and opera. A new player just entered into the game called chrome. But now we have frontend, backend and fullstack. That’s why I decided to move as a Fullstack, check what I like most and move into a single direction. In my opinion, nowadays, a Fullstack cannot take everything. Maybe it is possible to manage everything, but to get deeper and be the expert of one specific field, it’s pretty hard to happen. Optimizing DB calls, and working with some API’s, like IntersectionObserver for lazy loading in JS it’s pretty hard to keep up to date. I wanted to choose a single path, so I’m 100% focus into the tech and approach I choose.

That’s why I am creating this blog. I decided to be a Frontend developer. I love the challenges, JS is complete enough to provide me those challenges I am looking for. So this is my goal: Try to share my experiences, my learnings, my tricks that I am learning in the process. I would like to share what’s the full process of development to me, starting from my editor and ending til the code is displayed in the browser. That means I will try to talk about:

  • Testing
  • Vanilla Javascript
  • React, since it’s the library I am working currently
  • Apollo
  • HTML/CSS/Keyframes
  • CLI
  • Maybe Vim?
  • Open Source
  • Other libraries, tricks that are related to

I hope I can provide some interesting thoughts that you can take advantage of it. Of course if you want to connect with me, you can find me in twitter.

Let’s start the journey!

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