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The real power of the generics in Typescript

May 10, 2020

In Typescript, generics are often present in our code. However, at least in my case, it's because I consume them instead of declare them, but there's much more to do with it. Based on a real example, I would like to explain you why generics can be so powerful ⚔.

React Composition

April 19, 2020

Have you ever heard about React Composition? I invite you to explore with me what it is, how to use it and when it is best to apply this simple but powerful technique that React provides to us.

How to use React context

February 16, 2020

Ever wondered how to use react context? is it better than prop drilling? why not just go for Redux? This post shows the how to use react context and which approach is the best to pick up for your application

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